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So…you want to take an extraordinary trip somewhere by yourself or with someone special—create your own travel adventure—but don’t know where to start—or go? There is an art to travel...

We can help!

Have you been there, done that…and want to know what’s next?

We can help!

Sometimes even the most serious traveler just needs some good old fashioned unbiased strategic trip advice.

We can help!

If you want to become a more sophisticated and savvy independent traveler; if you want to learn to trust strangers in strange lands more; and if you want to participate in more sight-doing than just sight-seeing?

We can help!

For about the minimal cost of a handful of generic guidebooks, you can make your once-in-a-lifetime trip more authentic, exciting, fulfilling, and memorable.

We can help…

How can we help?

We will send you a quick questionnaire for you to complete about your specific Big Picture travel plans, desires, wants and needs.

We will then discuss those personalized plans, desires, wants and needs with our stable of travel experts, looking for all the unique options available to you.

We will schedule a personal call with you at your convenience to discuss your travel plans objectively and strategically.

During that conversation, we will help focus your Big Picture travel plans to personalize, customize and maximize your trip’s potential. Thus making it a remarkable adventure for you—not just another vacation getaway.

Why us?

Our collective travel bona fides and personal experience are extensive, unique and unparalleled.

We have written books on travel. We have blogged on travel. We have planned and successfully conducted travel adventures and events around the world in over 50 countries on six continents. We have worked for an international airline carrier for over a decade. We have produced shows for the Travel Channel. We have lived abroad on several continents. We regularly attend international travel industry conferences. We have personally competed in and won around the world international travel adventure competitions. We personally know and regularly travel with some of the world’s greatest travelers. (In fact, in the April 2002 edition of National Geographic Traveler magazine, we were labeled the “world’s greatest traveler”.) We have traveled the globe independently and been on cruises, package tours, fam trips, safaris, incentive trips and backpacked the world. We have encountered every known mode of public transportation, from 747’s and the world of private jets to camel caravan, from luxury yachts to chicken bus. We have laid our hats in every conceivable type of accommodations, from tent to a suite at The Oriental, from expensive boutique hotel to farmhouse B&B. We have circumnavigated the globe on sixteen separate occasions. We have been members of the Century Club. We continue to travel the world several times a year looking for new and unusual travel destinations—in fact we are probably on the road right now!

The point is, we are serious travelers with real world street credibility and wherever it is you want to go, and whatever it is you want to do—we have probably done it; and we want to share our specialized knowledge with you.

What we will not be doing for you.

We will not be making any commissions off of you! Zip, zero, nada…

We will not book your flights. But we can make recommendations…

We will not book hotels. But we can give you a few select options…

We will not be providing you with any daily itineraries. But we can make suggestions…

Okay…still want our advice?

Contact us here and then we will send you the Big Picture travel questionnaire with instructions on how to pay your one-time US$69.95 consultation fee. (BTW: What is a really great memory going for these days?)

We can communicate with you at your convenience via e-mails, phone calls, faxes or Skype.

Our Contact Info:

Our official office hours are Monday thru Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm Pacific time. But since we travel so much, we are open and available at other times upon request.
Phone: 1.310.281.7809

Fax: 1.310.494.9343

Snail Mail: GEA, Inc. @ 1112 Montana Ave., Ste 384, Santa Monica, CA – 90403 - USA

E-mail: advice (at)

Want Something More?

We can arrange for a more in-depth and customized trip plan for you upon request.

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