It is our firm belief that The World’s Greatest Travelersare always well-informed about the world in general and their impending destinations in particular. It does enhance your travel experience knowing current events and having a context in which to help digest your experiences.

Anyone who calls themselves a serious traveler has had to dodge a few civil insurrections and extreme weather situations here and there over the years. Shit happens as they say! But we also know that the world is a really big place, and that those pockets of resistance broadcast nightly on the evening news are but a few specs on the world map. Serious travelers don’t buy that Mean World Syndrome shoved down our throats.

Staying informed takes effort though, but nowadays it is a whole lot easier than in days gone by. And to make it easier still for our Club, we have assembled a truly amazing list of resources of from around the world below—and it just keeps getting bigger as we keep traveling! Bookmark this page as your global media outlet service...many members of The Club already have!
(A to Z - last updated - 13 Sept 2014)

ABC News (travel)
Action Asia Magazine
African Daily
Agence France-Presse (International)
All Africa Media Group
Alternative Press Weeklies (US)
American Way Magazine (American Airlines)
Associated Press (AP) (International)
Atlanta Journal Constitution (travel)
Atlantic Monthly (travel)
Athens News
Arizona Republic (travel)
Arts & Letters
Asia Daily
Asahi Shimbun
Associated Press
Austin American-Statesman
Australian, The
Australian Financial Review
Baltimore Sun (travel)
Bangkok Post (travel)
BBC Online
Beijing International
Belfast Telegraph
Big World Magazine
Bloomberg Newswire
Boston Globe (travel)
Boulder Daily Camera
Brisbane Courier-Mail
Budget Travel Online
Budapest Sun
Buenos Aires Herald
Buffalo News
Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
Burma Daily
Business Travel News
Cairo Times
Canadian Newspapers (Directory) Internet Network
Cape Town Independent (travel)
Caribbean Daily
CBC News
CBS News
Central American Daily
Charlotte Observer (travel)
Chicago Tribune (travel)
Chicago Sun-Times
Christian Science Monitor
Cleveland Plain Dealer (travel)
Columbia Journalism Review
Conde Nast Traveler
Conde Nast Traveller (Euro-Edition)
Contra Costa Times
Cook Island News
Copenhagen Post
The Daily Standard
Daily Telegraph
Dallas Morning News (travel)
Denver Post (travel)
Der Spiegel
Detroit Free Press (travel)
Detroit News
Deutshe Presse Newswire (International)
Deutshe Welle?
Discovery Channel
Doonesbury Daily
Economist, The
Edinburgh The Scotsman
Egypt Today
El Pais
Emirates Today
Encyclopedia Britannica (travel)
Environmental Media Services
Epicurious Travel
EscapeRoutes Magazine
Europe Daily (travel)
Expedia Travels Magazine
Explore Magazine
Fair & Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
Far Eastern Economic Review
F.A.Z. Weekly
Fielding Travel Guides
Financial Times (travel)
Foreign Affairs Magazine
Foreign Policy Magazine
Foreign Policy In-Focus
Fort Lauderdale Sun
FOX News
Frankfurter Allgemeine
Frommer's Budget Travel
Gazette Mercantile (Brazil)
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
Globe & Mail (travel)
Good News Agency
Gramma International (Cuba)
Greatest Escapes
Grist Magazine
Guardian (London) (travel)
Guardian (Nigeria)
Gulf News
Ha'Artetz Daily
Harper's Magazine
Hartford Courant (travel)
Hemispheres Magazine (United Airlines)
Hindustan Times
History Channel (travel)
Hong Kong I-mail
Honululu Star Bulletin
Houston Chronicle (travel)
Huffington Post (travel)
Icelandic Daily
Indo-Asia News Service
In These Times
International Herald Tribune (travel)
International Newspapers (Directory)
Internet Public Library (IPL)
Iran Daily
Iraqi News Agency
Irish Times
Jakarta Post
Jane's Information Group
Japan Times (travel)
Jerusalem Post
Johnannesburg Daily Mail & Gaurdian
Jordan Times
Juneau Empire
Kansas City Star
Kathmandu Post
Kenyan Daily Nation
Korean Times
Las Vegas Review-Journal
Latin America
Lebanon Daily Star
Le Monde
Let's Go
London's Evening Standard (travel)
London's Telegraph (travel)
Lonely Planet
Lonely Planet (travel scoop)
Long Island NewsDay
Los Angeles Times (travel)
Madison Capital Times
Mainichi Daily News
Malaysian Post
Market Watch
Melbourne The Age (travel)
Mexico City The News (travel)
Miami Herald (travel)
Michelin Guides
Middle East Times
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (travel)
Minneapolis Star Tribune (travel)
Mirror (British)
MIT's International Radio (directory)
Montreal Gazette
Moon Travel
Moroccan Press Agency
Moscow Times (travel) (travel)
Mother Jones
National Geographic
National Geographic Traveler
National Post
Newark Star-Ledger (travel)
Newsday (travel)
New Republic
New South Polar Times (Antarctica)
New Statesman
New Straits Times
New York Post (travel)
New York Times (travel)
New York Daily News
New York Observer
New Yorker Magazine
New York Review of Books
New Zealand Herald (travel)
News from Bangladesh
Nigeria's The Guardian
Norway Post
National Public Radio
North African Journal
Online NewsHour
Orange County Register (travel)
Orlando Sentinel (travel)
Ottawa Citizen
Outside Magazine
Pakistan's Daily Dawn
Pakistan News Service
PBS (travel)
People's Daily
Philadelphia Inquirer (travel)
Philippines Times
Phnom Penh Post
Phoenix Republic (travel)
Pittsburgh Tribune (travel)
Portland Oregonian (travel)
Prague Post
Progressive Magazine
Providence Journal
Radio Havana Cuba
Raleigh News & Observer
Reuters Newswire (International)
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Rick Steves Europe
Rocky Mountian News
Rough Guides
Russia Today
Sacramento Bee (travel)
Salon Wanderlust
Salt Lake City Tribune (travel)
San Diego Union Tribune (travel)
San Francisco Bay Traveler
San Francisco Chronicle (travel)
San Jose Mercury News
Santiago Times
"The Savvy Traveler" (NPR)
Scotland's Scotsman (travel)
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Seattle Times (travel)
Seoul Daily
Singapore Strait Times
Sky Magazine (Delta Airlines)
South African Independent
South American Daily
South China Morning Post
St Louis Post Dispatch
St Paul Pioneer Post
St Petersburg (FL) Times
St Petersburg (Russia) Times
Sydney Morning Herald (travel)
Syrian Arab News Agency
Syria Today
Taipei Times
Taiwan Globe
Tehran Times
The Herald (Scotland)
The Nation
The Oregonian
"The Travel Minute" (radio)
Time Out
Times of India
Times of London (travel)
Toronto Star (travel)
Travel & Leisure
Travel Daily News
Travel Headlines
Travel Holiday
Travel Channel
The Travel Lady
"Travelers Journal" (AI Radio)
Trips Magazine
Travel Weekly
Turkish Daily News
Ukarine Post
UPI Newswire (International)
USA Today (travel)
US Information Agency
US News & World Report (travel)
Utne Reader (travel)
Vancouver Sun
Viet Nam News Agency
Village Voice
Warsaw Voice
Washington Post (travel)
Washington Times
Wellington Evening Post (travel)
Windsor Star
"Wish You Were Here" (ITV-England)
World Wires (Around the World Headlines)
World Newspaper Directory (index)
Xinhua Net
Yahoo! (travel)
Zurich NZZ
1st Headlines (travel)
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