homo touristicus...Who we are & how we evolved!
The Age of Exploration may have ended long ago, but a new book on the history of travel and tourism will welcome the exploration of all travelconnoisseurs, trip writers, business road warriors, and armchair travelers everywhere.

If you’re a serious traveler, you may have always wondered:
       Who took the first Romance Romps? See page 91.
       What is the origin of the endless traveler vs. tourist debate? See page 152.
       When was hijacking commercial airlines an (un)official US foreign policy? See page 212.
The answer to these questions and over 2,000 more fascinating facts about travel and
tourism through the ages are at your fingertips in the first edition of:
                         “On the Origin of the Species homo touristicus:
               The Evolution of Travel from Greek Spas to Space Tourism”

Or, have you ever wondered:
       Who levied the first Traveler’s Tax? See page 65.
       Why many (non-traveling) Americans don’t like Rick Steves? See page 330.
       What is the Lonely Planet Effect? See page 267.
       Who was the real life role model for the fictional Phileas Fogg? See page 106.    
More than just a collection of trivia, “On the Origin of the Species homo touristicus” is a meticulously researched history of travel covering everything you have ever wanted to know
about travel and the tourism industry…and more. Indeed, it is a book about the evolution of the subspecies of mankind we know today as homo touristicus—traveling man. It is also great fun
to leaf through, as it is not a beginning to end narrative. You will learn a few new things on
each and every page that will either have you shaking your head in amazement or chuckling
out loud.
“It is my sincerest hope that everyone who loves travel, geography, world wonders, maps, or
just wants to catch up on some long-forgotten adventure tales, will find this book fun to read,”
says author William D. Chalmers, “It is a grand tour, if you will, a history book about the development of homo touristicus and how our innate curiosity along with our technological developments have continually changed our vacation habits and destinations.”
You can discover things about notions you only speculated about before, like:
       • Why does Century Club membership promote insurrection? See page 183.
       • How did the Love Boat & Fantasy Island TV shows affect tourism? See page 231.
        Where did the first organized group tour go to back in 1064? See page 29.
       • What are the Nine Rings of Travel Hell? See page 34.
        Which pair of intrepid travelers invented the buddy road trip? See page 73.

The blurbs are starting to pour in on this well-reviewed book, including some of note, such

“If you like to read about travel, this is a great book to pick up. I love this stuff.” - Rudy Maxa

“Written by a true expert on travel…a stunningly well-researched, and at times
laugh-out-loud funny read.” –
Johnny Jet

“Wondrous nuggets of revisionist history at its best!” - Herodotus
“Too bad I hadn’t read this before I set sail…” - Christopher Columbus

“Finally, credit given where credit is due!” - Sacagawea

“Lies, all lies! We were first in flight….But the rest of the book is really great…” - Orville &
Wilbur Wright

“An intriguing insight into the deepest motivations, subconscious, and, dare I say it…the
very inner soul of homo touristicus.” - Sigmund Freud

The paperback edition of “On the Origin of the Species homo touristicus” is available now
online at Amazon Books and Barnes & Noble and at all well-stocked travel bookstores.

About the Author:
William Chalmers has circumnavigated the globe on nine separate occasions and stepped
foot in over 100 countries (Okay, a few toes!). He was dubbed the “World’s Greatest Traveler”
by National Geographic Traveler in April 2002. He is a former Cold War-era summit groupie
who has recently hiked to an orangutan rehabilitation center (Who knew they had drug
problems in Borneo?); searched for black rhinos and Bengal tigers along the Nepal-Indian
border (On a really big elephant!); reenacted Roman gladiator scenes in Tunisia at El Djem
(He lost a right arm in that faux battle!); and canoed to Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall (Someone forget to turn it on that day!). He was the winner of the 1989 HumanRace—an
around-the-world race using public transportation—that he completed in just 17-days collecting
the $25k first place prize.
The author of “A Blind Date With The World” (Writers Guild Press, 2000); he is also a regular op-ed contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, and the American-Statesman, among other outlets, on the weighty social issues of the day. As an international
travel speaker, William has given multi-media presentations on topics that include: ‘Travel in
the Post 9/11 World’
, and ‘Authentic Travel in the Age of Reality TV’.
He is the creator, and still serves as the Event Director, of the world’s only real life annual
around the world travel adventure competition known as The Global Scavenger Hunt™. This
spring we will conduct the 7th annual event by taking international competitors on A Blind Date
with The World™
and bestowing the The World’s Greatest Travelers™ crown on another pair
of worthy travelers. (He likens it to being the ringmaster of a global circus!) The annual event
also serves as a fundraising platform for causes that include: micro-loan giving, along with the building of medical clinics and co-ed elementary schools in troubled places like: Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Pakistan and Niger.
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