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Okay, let's kick this thread off...

Travel Pet Peeves?

In Dante's Inferno, hell is divided into nine concentric circles where sinners (aka we serious travelers) are punished in mean and malicious ways for our desire to see the world and everyone in it. Here are my 9 travel rings of hell:
1. The Post 9/11 travel motto: hurry up and wait!
2. à la carte Airlines that literally nickel and dime you to death!
3. Spoiled, "Don't you know who I am?" know who they are!
4.The general state of US domestic went from bad to worse!
5. My secret fear of running out of reading material on the plane or during delays.
6. Being charged for spending money by credit card companies...extra ATM fees, currency conversion fees, international fees, ugh!
7. Renting a hotel room for a day, and not being able to stay for full a day, which by the way is 24-hours...this has got to change!
8. Paying anyone for wifi.
9. Boarding planes...folks, last rows filling a glass, you can't start at the top and go down!

Okay, now what are yours...hopefully not human things like crying babies and people who actually recline the seat they bought...