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Okay, you have two choices…

One you can have access to, and contribute to,
The World’s Greatest Travelers™ regular open-access Bulletin Board by simply creating a username and password below.

Or, you can join The World’s Greatest Travelers™ Club by signing up here. This is for serious travelers only with the cost of a membership being just $19.95 a year—which is as you know less than the price of a single Lonely Planet, Frommer’s, or Fodor’s guidebook!

Why would a serious traveler want to join The World’s Greatest Travelers™ Club?

Well, first off, unlike most “travel clubs” we are not selling trips—none, zero, nil, zilch.
The World’s Greatest Travelers™ Club is not a travel club; it is a Club for serious travelers. Worldwide bragging rights are yours since only a few people in the world consider themselves serious travelers enough, say, to have gone around the world once or twice, or visited 75 legitimate countries (no toes or airports please!), or who take independent adventures along the road less traveled rather than following the herd to the usual new it travel porn destinations.

Serious travelers know how serious they are and there is no one single criteria or attribute for joining The Club; you just know--knowingly and confidently at that--that you belong to The Club.

Just like the Seven Wonders of the World, The World’s Greatest Travelers™ Club’s offers you the following seven wonderful perks in your paid yearly dues/subscription:
1)-members only access to The World’s Greatest Travelers™ exclusive selection of insiders travel guides (2-3? per year)
2)-6 issues of the bi-monthly The World’s Greatest Travelers™ informative travel e-newsletter (January, March, May, July, September, November) filled with up-to-date and critical need-to-know intel, must do and must see travel opportunities. (Quarterly?)
3)-the choice of The World’s Greatest Travelers™ hat, T-shirt or collectors pin
4)-members only access to The World’s Greatest Travelers™ Travel Tips
5)-the opportunity to share your war stories and travel experiences, helpful tips, and other travel info with other serious travelers and network on the members only World’s Greatest Travelers™ Bulletin Board
6)-the opportunity to have your war stories and travel experiences heard and maybe end up in the print media that will syndicate our stories (you will receive 75% of all financial benefits);
7)-the goodwill and karma in knowing that a portion of all annual Club membership dues are directly donated to international humanitarian causes that support the building of co-ed elementary schools and passing out micro-loans.

Yep, the choice is yours..

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Needless to say, if you have any questions about joining The Club, just whistle... members [at]

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